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Running Tips - Setting Your Running Goals For The New Year

It's time to start setting those running goals for the New Year! Is that something that you do? If not, you definitely should. Running goals are something that can keep you going on those days when you're not quite sure why you are going out the door. Having goals should be a big part of your running program.However, you want to make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable. You shouldn't have running a 25:00 5K as a goal if you are currently running one in 45:00. But, you can have getting faster and setting a PR (Personal Record) for the 5K as a goal.Your goals may be mileage related. If you're currently running 10 miles a week - you may decide to gradually up your running to 20 miles a week. If you're longest run of the week is 3 miles - you may decide by a certain date that you are running 5 or 6 miles at a time. It's always good to have more than one goal for a year. If you are planning on running a marathon for the first time - that's a fantastic goal. But, have some other, smaller goals to keep...


Running Tips - Getting Water During Your Long Training Runs

Staying properly hydrated is extremely important for runners - especially when they are on a long distance training run. However, making sure that you are getting water when you need it can be tricky and takes a little planning on your part. But, it can be done. Here are some tips for getting water during your long distance run.If you are running for a period longer than an hour, you need to take in 6 - 8 ounces of water every 30 minutes. So, you need to plan where and how you'll get your water. There are several different types of hydration systems that are made for runners. These are made to be worn or carried by the runner during their runs. You can get these hydration systems as a belt you wear around your waist, a back pack with a tube that the water feeds through or a bottle with a strap that velcros around your hand that you can carry with you. Any of these work well if you don't mind carrying your water with you.However, many runners (including me!), don't like to be weighed down by carrying their wat...


Running Tips - Eating Before A Marathon

One of the biggest things that you need to be aware of in your marathon training is what you eat. What you are eating even a few days before race day can make you have a great day - or barely get through. Here are some tips on how you should be eating leading up to the big day.First of all, you should be eating and taking in carbs during your long runs when you are out there for more than 1½ hours. Under that time, you are basically using what has been stored up in your muscles previously. A great way to get carbs during your runs is through Sports Drinks or Energy Gels. You can even get Sports Jelly Beans little Energy Bites. All of these work - and some runners even eat gummy bears or other candies. But, you want to try anything during your training runs - not the day of your race. Find out what works for you and gives you energy and have it with you for race day.The most important rule of eating leading up to race day is to not eat anything that you are not accustomed to eating. Carbs are important for ...


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